Case Examples

Personal Injury Cases

  • Vehicle collisions including car wrecks, bus wrecks, taxi wrecks, motorcycle wrecks, moving truck wrecks, commercial vehicle wrecks, 18-wheeler wrecks, semi-truck wrecks, bicycle wrecks, rental car wrecks.
  • Auto accident injuries caused by a drunk driver (DWI) of a commercial vehicle that had a history of using drugs and driving under the influence.
  • Wrongful death and survivorship claim by brothers who lost their mother in an auto collision in which she was a passenger in a vehicle.
  • Child daycare physical abuse and negligent hiring.
  • Bystander injury and pedestrian injury caused by a vehicle collision.
  • Trip and fall on steps in which the landlord failed to repair.
  • Numerous slip and falls in HEB grocery stores and numerous slip and falls at Walmart.
  • Slip and fall at elderly community center.
  • Slip and fall at a friend’s house causing serious knee injuries that required invasive and plastic surgery.
  • Motorcycle accident caused by negligent street repair.
  • Products liability against a manufacture of food for selling cereal with a piece of the metal equipment in the cereal.
  • Patron injuries from bouncer’s unreasonable use of force.
  • Bicycler hit and run by a vehicle, causing substantial injuries to his limbs, face and teeth.
  • Auto collision caused our client’s head to go through a window in which she continues to pick glass out of her head due to the negligence of the other driver.
  • Trip and fall over an in ground safe at McCoys, requiring countless surgeries and life-long injuries.
  • Injuries sustained by biting into glass in the middle of a meatball at an Austin, Texas restaurant.
  • Injuries sustained by a minor, while in the care of others, causing deformation, and lifetime scars and limping.

Family Law Cases

  • Children taken out of their home based on child protective services’ (Department of Family & Protective Services) allegations of physical or medical abuse or neglect.
  • Drafting cohabitation agreements to protect the assets of the couples that are unmarried and living together.
  • Attending temporary order hearings for divorce, custody and/or child support issues.
  • Drafting modifications of child support agreements after a divorce has been finalized.
  • Reaching and drafting agreements, divorce decrees, agreed temporary orders.

General Trial Litigation Cases

Breach of Contract

  • prosecution of breach of three delivery contracts for damages in excess of a quarter million dollars worth of goods
  • general contract dispute regarding the building of a pole barn between the contractor and the owner of the land
  • prosecution, including pursuit of a default judgment, against a California entertainment provider for failure to reimburse our client for his quarter million-dollar investment

Entertainment Law

  • representation and/or counseling of musicians, actors, and artists in contracts and other business matters
  • defense of claims pursued by former band members or business contacts
  • prosecution to enforce royalty agreements

Texas Deceptive Consumer Practices (DTPA)

  • consumer law and deceptive trade practices for misrepresenting the quality, value, and condition of real property
  • fraud for intentionally painting over mold with the intent to sell the residence as mold-free, in addition to selling the residence without disclosing the presence of mold

Insurance Coverage Issues

  • insurance coverage issues involved in obtaining sums owed to clients pursuant to their home-owners insurance policy, personal injury protection insurance policy, medical payments insurance policy, under-insured or uninsured (UM/UIM) insurance policy, and/or life insurance policy

General Legal Claims

  • mechanic’s lien prosecution for landscaping services performed by our former client
  • defended an ex-employee from tortious interference with contract claims, misappropriation of proprietary information, and business disparagement claims brought by her ex-employer
  • oral argument on a no evidence Motion For Summary Judgment prosecution on one case, and defense of standard Motion For Summary Judgment on a different case
  • successful final dismissal at $0 judgment of two breach of contract defense cases, in which our firm represented the celebrity defendant in both instances, and in which in both instances the plaintiff had reinitiated their claims years later by motioning to retain their case on the docket, thereby removing their case from the docket for want of prosecution (DWOP docket)
  • various landlord and tenant issues (enforcement of illegal lease provisions enabling the tenant to end lease contract prior to contracted term, landlord defense against former tenant’s claims)
  • successful defense of claims by counterclaiming, which resulted in a $0 award to plaintiff, and a substantial award to our client, the defendant
  • preservation of case for appeal, including oral argument at setting on Motion For New Trial, and all other necessary filings with the appropriate district court and appellate court, to preserve the case for appeal from the final judgment;
  • Upon overturn of the case in the appellate court, side-by-side work with appellate attorneys to complete a new trial.