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Personal injury law involves general civil litigation cases in which the plaintiff generally seeks damages for a physical, mental, or emotional injury caused by the defendant’s intent or negligence. If you have been recently injured in an accident and think you have a case, get in touch with the Law Office of KG, PLLC. The lawyers at the Law Office of KG, PLLC have more than 20 years of experience combined. As your personal injury lawyer, they will thoroughly investigate your situation and determine whether or not you have grounds for a personal injury claim. Contact the office today to speak to a lawyer based in the Austin, TX area!

Contact the Law Office of KG, PLLC for a free consultation – Get answers to your questions and find out ways to best preserve the value of your case. With no money upfront, the Law Office of KG, PLLC covers expenses and does not ask for payment unless and until they get money for you. They also go above and beyond by helping you recover property damage at no cost to you as a service that is complementary to the injury representation of your claim.


Get Compensated for Your Losses

You should not have to be dealing with pain and suffering because of another’s negligence. With the help of a personal injury lawyer, you can file a claim and get compensated for medical bills, lost wages, etc. The ​​Law Office of KG, PLLC will fight for you to receive the maximum amount of damages.

The Law Office of KG, PLLC offers aggressive and client-centered representation by focusing on each client’s individualized needs and tailoring the representation accordingly. Let The Law Office of KG, PLLC be your voice.

Personal injury cases may involve the following:

  • Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Bicycle
  • Commercial Vehicles, 18-Wheelers
  • Bus, Taxi, Rental Car
  • DWI Caused
  • Bystander
  • Daycare Physical Abuse
  • Slip and Falls
  • Landlord Fails Repair
  • Street Repair
  • Unreasonable Force
  • Products Liability
  • Food Product Production
  • Hit and Run
  • Construction Injury
  • Dog Bite

Discuss your accident with a lawyer today. If you have a catastrophic injury leaving you with long-term disabilities, get in touch with the Law Office of KG, PLLC now.

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Attorney representation is important to help clients preserve necessary evidence and treatment history to best support the damages and injuries. The Law Office of KG, PLLC has ample experience dealing with collision experts, doctor experts, and wage experts. Experts can be used to maximize damages by providing reports and an educated explanation to the jury about the cost and why it is necessary to be awarded. We also work with medical providers by offering Letters of Protection that put a hold of payment of medical expenses until the time that the case is resolved.

If you don’t choose The Law Office of KG, PLLC, make sure the firm that you choose is one that is known to take cases to trial. There are a lot of firms that will take cases, just to see if a good offer is made. And, if there isn’t, they drop the case. Furthermore, the insurance companies know who these firms are, and likewise, they either deny liability or make smaller offers to them.

The Law Office of KG, PLLC understands how difficult the road to recovery may be. With their help, you can make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve to help you along the way. Call now and schedule a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer near you. The Law Office of KG, PLLC offers legal services to clients in Austin, Lakeway, Bee Cave, Dripping Springs, and surrounding areas in Central Texas.