Paul G. - September, 2016
There is a reason Kimberly Kleinhans is on the Super Lawyer's Rising Star list. I have a situation where I needed legal advice. Kimberly Kleinhans was the first to respond to my request. I called her office to set up an appointment. The assistant who answered the phone asked for additional details of what I wanted to consult with them about. I received an email that afternoon with Kim's response. She gave me a straight forward, understandable opinion of my case. She cited federal law relevant to my request, thoroughly explained the process involved and my chances of success. She gave me an alternative way I might be able resolve my issue outside of the legal system and at no charge. I was just stunned! Kim has just turned every lawyer joke on its head! In the future if I find myself needing legal assistance in family law, they are my first call.
Brianna F. - September, 2016
I very highly recommend the Law Office of Kleinhans Gruber for your legal needs. They are very professional and hardworking, as well as very easy to work with. In a very difficult time where I found it hard to understand all of the legal matters, they were very patient and helpful to me. At the end of the day, I hope you don't need legal help. But if you do, I hope you reach out to their law office!
September, 2016
Attorney Kim Kleinhans and her team at Kleinhans Gruber, PLLC provided excellent and quality service. I always felt that my needs were met and that the firm was invested in me and my case. They were easily accessible, got back to me quickly, aggressive and got me the results that I wanted. Attorney Kim Kleinhans and her team all produced the quality of an attorney that anyone would want when hiring a family law attorney.
Heidi B. - August, 2016
Attorney Kleinhans and her team provided outstanding legal advice, services, and support throughout my divorce case. I highly recommend Law Office of Kleinhans Gruber, PLLC. Kleinhans law experience and track record in court provides a distinct advantage for their clients. Thank you, I appreciate all your help.
Chasity Beatty - July, 2016
I just wrapped on a long and drawn out divorce. Through this process I was fortunate to have such a supportive team through the Law Office of KG. I was given updates in a timely manner, and all my questions were answered thoroughly. I appreciated their expertise and guidance throughout the process.
Juan Sierra - July, 2016
My wife and I were uncertain over a contract that we had signed and were needing some legal assurance so we contacted the law firm of KG over the e-mail. This was done over a weekend but we didn't think that we were going to get a response that soon but we received an e- mail response that same day willing to provide us with the legal support.Their concern about our situation and willingness to Help us right away really meant a lot for us. We thank you so much for your professionalism and quick response! Sierra Family!
Former Injury Client, J.C. - July, 2016
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate y’all. I gave you the information needed and you took care of the rest without any stress to me. Y’all were very kind, courteous and compassionate about my situation. You upheld the term, “Family-Owned Business,” and you got me more money than I expected. A million thanks!
Lynn S. - June, 2016
I was T-boned by an angry, rushed driver in my parking lot - at the time, it caused me significant hardship. Keith and Kim were very supportive in taking my case. They kept me posted with every development in the case. When it came to trial, they were completely present with me. I am very grateful for not only their expertise but also their authenticity in our relationship. They are true advocates for justice. Thank you Keith and Kim and your team for all you did in supporting me through a dark time.
Gerald H. - May, 2016
I didn't ask to be broad-sided as I passed through the intersection. The rollover accident left me without a vehicle, medical bills rising, and multiple injuries. Additionally, I had to figure out the cat and mouse game with two insurance companies, who clearly exist simply to deny claims. KG Law provided expert advice as to what steps to take. They were very timely in requesting medical records and sending demands. As a bonus, Keith even kept me up to speed every time there was progress in my case - What lawyer actually does that these days? Keith continued to display his professional greatness by constructing the most convincing damage model I have ever seen. His detailed description of my current and future medical state was top notch. Not to mention the accurate assessment of my physical property, which maximized my settlement. In the end, I felt well compensated for my accident. I was more than pleased with the representation I received. So much so, that I have since referred more than half a dozen clients to KG Law. I also have the personal gratification of knowing those greedy insurance executives won't be laughing by the water cooler when they speak of my case.
Joey Austin Vaughan - April, 2016
We were referred to the Law Office of KG as a result of an injury our young son suffered. From the very first meeting to the conclusion of our case, Keith and his staff were communicative and responsive to our inquiries and needs. They were thorough and accommodating throughout the entire process and put our son's needs ahead of everything else. We would, with 100% confidence, recommend the Law Office of KG to anyone who needs their legal services.
Miseal H. - March, 2016
I had a wonderful pleasure of having Kim and Keith represent me for two of my cases. One that has officially been settled with the other party and the other one they are still working on. It was unfortunate that I had two be involved in two situations (Dog Attack and Car Accident) where no one wanted to take responsibility for their actions. They made the whole process really smooth, being my first two lawsuits. They kept fighting for my best interest and helping me as much as possible. They made it so easy, I didn't have to go to their office. We spoke over the phone or via email. They explained to me what my rights were and what possible outcomes we could come to in my dog attack. Both Kim and Keith are two wonderful people, I appreciate all the hard work they did for my first case and still doing in my second case. When I had a question, they made sure to answer it in ways I would understand it. I am just very pleased with both of them and their staff and paralegal who helped with everything. I definitely will recommend them to anyone and I know I will use them again whenever I need to. Thank you once again!
Former Injury Client, T. A. - April, 2015
Very professional & super knowledgeable about matters we had to deal with. KG, PLLC was always so helpful with out issues and questions.
Former Injury Client,Y.C. - December, 2014
The staff of Law Office of KG, PLLC provided me with confidence that I was going to be taken care of. I appreciate the manner in which Kimberly G. Kleinhans kept me posted. She truly kept me in the loop and displayed strong skills of customer comforting and services. I can honestly say because of Kimberly I will use the firm again in the future if needed.
Former Injury Client, A.J. - September, 2014
The Law Office of K.G., PLLC did an outstanding job working on my case. The lawyers as well as the rest of the staff were helpful, professional & kind throughout this process. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends in Austin.
Debbie W. - August, 2014
Law office of Kleinhans Gruber has been my rock through some very emotional and rough times. Kim is very knowledgeable in family law. She has been by my side and has kept me grounded and focused on what my objectives were. I admire her ethical and heart felt professional attitude. Kim has helped me beyond and above the duties of being my attorney. Kim has done more for me then I ever expected form a law firm/attorney. She has understood my financial difficulties and has helped me as much as possible, so I could afford to defend myself from a very stressful situation. When I tell friends and family what Kim has done for me, they are thrilled that I found such a compassionate lawyer. Kim is very professional and knows how to conduct herself in a court room. She continues to help me when I need her, I have found that it's not all about money for Kim. Nobody can or does work for free, but I know when I retain Kim's services I get all my monies worth and more. Thank you Kim for being beside me through all this legal stuff. You are the best. I'm so glad people have the opportunity to experience how a real lawyer should conduct themselves.
Former Injury Client, G.H. - February, 2014
I was extremely impressed with the knowledge and professionalism displayed by the Law Office of KG, PLLC. From our very first consultation, I had supreme confidence that my case would be settled in my favor. When the insurance company attempted to deny my claim, the Law Office of KG, PLLC was there to fight on my behalf. I do not think I would have achieved my policy limits settlement without them. I would definitely recommend their services to others. Thanks Law Offices of KG, PLLC.
Former Injury Client, T.F. - October, 2013
Fast, effective with clear directives. Communication was keen. Thank you for a great experience.
Former Client, M.K. - March, 2013
Very kind and sincere people!
Reen from Travis County, Austin, Texas - August, 2012
Lawyers with heart. Big hearts. That is how I would describe Keith Kleinhans and Kimberly Gruber's law office. I highly recommend them and would to anyone. I have referred a neighbor to them and she was delighted. I was in a terrible personal situation and Keith was more concerned about my welfare than anything else. First he advised me on the best approach. Not a battle, but a method to ease out of my marriage and keep myself safe. Step-by-step he guided me through the process and answered all of my questions. He even made suggestions that saved me money. They both are very smart attorneys at law, but move with good morale judgment. I would say that they contribute a good deal to the community by their approach to legal situations. If you do not use this office, than you do not get the best of the best! If I need a lawyer in the future, their office would be my first call, and it should be yours.
P. DeLara - July, 2012
Very accurate and prompt lawyers to work with.
Pete Smits, Senior Intellectual Property Counsel at National Instruments - March, 2011
I had the pleasure of working with Kim just before she opened her own law firm and, from the outset, was very impressed with her work ethic, passion for her work and her reliability on a daily basis. Since that time, Kim has successfully started her own firm and established a growing practice that includes high profile clients in the Austin area and victories over high profile attorneys along the way. I have received referrals and referred clients to her firm and would confidently do so again. I know that she and Keith have a keen sense of responsibility to their clients and are willing to take all of the reasonable and efficient steps necessary to secure the best possible outcome for them.
Todd Sherman, President of Resident Reality, LLC - March, 2011
Kimberly and her partner asked me to determine the market value of a property that was involved in a divorce proceeding. As an attorney myself, when I became involved, it became very clear to me that the proceeding was extremely contentious and the issues were complicated and multi-faceted with several agendas at play. Kimberly showed tremendous grace in addressing and balancing all issues as she worked to resolve the matter. She proved to be an exceptional individual in reaching a resolution for her client.
G.C. - January, 2010
Keith is very understanding and isn't out to abuse the client's lack of knowledge. In addition, he really cares to get the client results, along with Ms. Gruber, his partner. They make a great team. It's nice to have younger attorneys that come up with different ideas and concepts.
G.C. - January, 2010
My attorney, Kimberly has saved me alot of time and grief in my custodial matters with my ex-wife. She cares and understand people who need help and she cares to keep them on track and not make matters worse. I would recommend Kimberly for anyone for most anything. She has worked with me in my financial situation, which is hard to find these days. I appreciate her dedication and communication with me. Kimberly does what she says she will do! Thank you very very much!
D.D. - November, 2009
My continuing thanks to the Law office of KG, PLLC and all of their hard work and tireless dedication to the fight of my life. We went to war up against an accredited powerhouse and shook the foundation of the high horse they rode in on. Congratulations to the Team behind the victory. Thank you from the bottom of my heart as well as my daughters. Sometimes it really is the fight in the dog that wins the battle, rather than the bark of Cruella DeVille. Score this one for the Dalmatians. God Bless.
S.L. - May, 2009
I am confident in the professionalism of the Law Offices of KG, PLLC and I am grateful to have them working for me. Thank you.
Devin Chwastyk - August, 2008
Kimberly is a dedicated worker with excellent legal analysis skills. She has the ability to narrow an issue to the most relevant details, and her writing skills are top-notch.
J.B. - August, 2008
Mediation is Biblical and so is upholding Justice. May you find and provide justice for the oppressed in the land. You definately have always demonstrated both a gift and drive to see justice come about! No doubt in my mind that you are in the correct line of business. My prayers and blessing are with you and for you. Your clients will be blessed having you to represent them. I know from personal experience that you do not quit untill every approach or techinique has been pursued to the ultimate degree. Even then, there are times that you find or create unseen avenues to make things happen.
Former Wrongful Death Client, L.M. - January, 1970
I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for all your effort in bringing closure to my.case. You're wonderful people and stood up for my late son, when everyone else declined. I can now sleep at night knowing restitution was made to everyone. Everyone there is very professional and caring. I truly don't know what I would have done without you and your hard work Kim. May God Bless you and your family. Your efforts truly Blessed everyone involved. Losing a child is the hardest thing to live through. No parent should ever have to experience such a loss. I just can't thank you and your staff enough. I would HIGHLY recommend your services to anyone. Thank you, you will never be forgotten.