Firm Client Services
KG Client Centered Services
The attorneys and staff of Law Office of KG, PLLC recognize that they are in the service industry and embrace the opportunity to fully serve each and every client.
Do you think you have a case?
Call for a free attorney consult: 512-263-2098
Clients can expect the following:
  • A free attorney consult for a complete evaluation of their case.
  • Personalized client folder and a copy of their signed contract.
  • Electronic updates by e-mail, which include PDF copies of the most recent correspondence in their case.
  • Open-door communication, whether by telephone, e-mail, text, Skype, or a walk-in meeting. The attorneys of the Law Office of KG, PLLC make it a priority for the client to be involved in their case, be fully informed, and understand the current status of the case
  • Quality representation by our attorneys. The attorneys team up at hearings and trials when it is necessary to assure quality and aggressive representation.
  • Experience in the court room. Our attorneys are in court on a regular basis (on an average of 10 times a month), where most personal injury attorneys don't even see the court room that many times a year.
  • Persistent negotiation. Our attorneys aim to negotiate cases as early in the process as is beneficial to the case. In hourly cases, early evaluation saves the hourly client a substantial amount of attorney fees. In contingency cases, the opposing party has more in their pocket to pay as an award because they have not yet paid as much to their attorneys to defend the case.
  • Case and document control. Our firm scans all paper documents into secure electronic files and have access to the files from any laptop anywhere an internet connection is available. A client with an email address will get copied on correspondence on their case.
  • In and out-of-office meetings. Whether the client prefers to come to the office, prefers the attorney to come to his/her house, prefers to meet with the attorney on Skype, or just prefers to discuss their case over the phone, our attorneys are open to accommodate any reasonable request
  • Easy scheduling. Clients and potential clients of Law Office of KG, PLLC are welcome to schedule meetings with Keith and Kimberly via their Google calendar, Text: 512.850.5154, Call: 512.850.5154, Call: 512-263-2098, or by E-Mailing
  • Automatic bill pay. Clients can arrange automatic attorney fee payments from their a credit card, or bank account.
Request for Firm Services
If you have a request for our firm to offer a service that is not provided at this time, please submit your request below.